When the voice actress of “Doraemon” cannot remember “Doraemon” anymore

It’s a shocking bad news! A Japanese actor, Sagawa Keisuke, husband of the anime voice actress, Oyama Nobuyo has revealed that his wife, with the age of 81 is currently suffering from a dementia (a persistent disorder… Continue reading

What type of “Dere” are you?

Dere (デレ) is a Japanese suffix used in anime and manga, basically to describe the character personalities or character development process. There are five basic types of Dere as below:   Deredere –… Continue reading

Yu-gi-oh is becoming real

In this digital era, we see many technologies that try to conquer the nature and achieve human’s imagination. As the anime fans since we were kids, we usually dream of the famous card… Continue reading

Anime Basic: Fujoshi & Fudanshi

Fujoshi (腐女子)  is a Japanese term referring to the female fans of anime, manga, or novel that feature a romantic relationships between men. Fujoshi love imagining relationships between male characters in fictional works even when that relationship… Continue reading

Top 10 expressions from your favourite anime character!

I believe that most of the anime fans usually watch anime in Japanese with a subtitled rather than the dubbed version. I truly understand that. We’re obsessed by those Japanese voice actors and… Continue reading

The scary version of Detective Conan

Detective Conan is one of the very famous Japanese anime and manga in global market. This series was written by Gosho Aoyama since 1994 with the 87 volumes currently. With its popular, there… Continue reading

When Indonesian sings an anime song

  Recently, there was one clip that went viral on many of anime fans’ Facebook timeline. It is a cut video of an Indonesian girl named Fatimah Zahratunnisa who won the first prize in “のどじまんTHEワールド!(Nodo-Jiman THE… Continue reading

An era of sport anime, especially for girls!

For Japanese anime, the story can revolve with any concepts such as an ordinary high school, music, history, food, and sport. The wave of sport anime just hit the industry again in the… Continue reading

What you see is not always what it is

WARNING: Pictures over-loaded xD   We’re now living in an illusion world where people are always presenting only their beautiful side to the other. Just think about yourself taking like 50 selfies just… Continue reading

Manga Festival 2015!

  The Manga Festival in Thailand 2015 was held last week at Eden Park, Central World to celebrate the growth of the manga industry in Thailand. The event aimed to promote and educate Thai readers… Continue reading

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